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What's a FAQ?
A FAQ is frequently asked question.

Why are you called Tremendous Rabbit Productions?
The phrase "tremendous rabbit" comes from a line in a short film that I wrote in college called "Santa Claus and the Jew," in which Santa Claus accidentally goes into a Jewish house on Christmas Eve. In trying to teach a little Jewish girl about religion he describes the Easter Bunny as a "tremendous rabbit that hides chicken eggs." 

Is Tremendous Rabbit a reference to the film Donnie Darko?

Is Tremendous Rabbit a reference to the film Harvey with Jimmy Stewart?
It's more of a tribute.

Is that you in the rabbit suit?
No, it's too tremendous.

When is The Rejection Show?
The Rejection Show is currently the second Wednesday of every month.  Sometimes it is adjusted because of a holiday but it is usually the second Wednesday at 8PM.  There are also bonus rejection theme shows that can pop up at anytime.

What is The Rejection Show?
The Rejection Show is a comedic based event that embraces the rejected or "turned down" material of professional and amateur writers, comedians, cartoonists, and artists whom display their creative “failures” live on stage.

Do you ever reject anyone from The Rejection Show?
Yes, of course.  It's a show to entertain people.  If something is not entertaining then it is rejected.  Entertaining does not always mean good or great.  Something can be really bad and still be entertaining.  It's the middle of the road things that aren't sure if they're bad or good yet that get rejected from the show because in that environment being in the middle is not so entertaining.

What's your social security number?
That would be unsafe for me to give out.

You have a shirt at that says "My Father Has a Mustache." Does he?
Yes, he does. As a matter of fact for Father's Day I made him a shirt that says "My Son's Father Has a Mustache" He wears it.

What is elameno?
Elameno is the grouping of LMNO in the alphabet.  When reciting the alphabet most people group those letters together to make one word.

Jon, you remind me of someone I know.
That's not a question but I hear that often.

What's your favorite word?
It's hard to choose just one but I love: hat, foot, whale, blast, ham, pants, suit, and pantsuit… and corn.

Did you ever try crack?

Who do you think would win in a fight, Greg Bullard or Matt Barchess?
I don't know who either of them are.    

Was that you in the movie "Which Way That Way?"
No, I was never in a movie with such a title as that.

What size shoe do you wear?
A nine and a half.  Why did you ask that as if I asked it to you first?

Do you like books?
I love books, David.

I'm curious, what is your maiden name?
I don't have a maiden name.  Are you sure you understand what that is?

Have you ever wanted to shoop?
Yes, I have.  I think.  

Rumor has it that you have never seen the movie Dirty Dancing.  Is this true?
Yes it is true.

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